Tips for Tatkal ticket booking on IRCTC – 2015

Booking a tatkal ticket on IRCTC is most of the times like playing a lottery, i have faced this problem myself almost all of the times, here are some tips that helps me to get through sometimes, hope this helps you as well.


1. Use some tools to be quick and save time.

1. Adblock Plus : If you will open Irctc website, there are lots of ads, due to which it takes time to load pages which slow downs your booking process. So to block these ads and increase your page load time , just use this Ad Block plugin. It will block ads on all website and help you book ticket fast.

You can install it from here : It is available for most of the browsers, chrome, Mozilla etc.

2. Magic auto Fill : This tool is specially designed to speed up your Tatkal Booking. This tool will help you to book ticket quickly by filling all your passenger details automatically.

How to Use Magic Auto Fill?

1. Go to

2. Click on Reservation Form Button.


3. Now it will load a form , which is replica of original Passenger detail form on Irctc website. Just fill all the details of passengers, their name, age, id card details and phone no.

4. Now Click on I’m Feeling Lucky Button and it will create a Magic auto Fill Bookmarklet. Just drag it to your Browser Bookmark tab.

5. Now while booking your ticket on irctc, when passenger detail form will appear, just click on this Magic auto Fill Bookmarklet. It will automatically fill all your details. So it will save your lot of time and make your booking faster.

You can search videos on youtube about this tool as well

2. Be aware about the timings
From June 15, 2015, Tatkal booking opens at 10:00 A.M for A.C class and 11 A.M for Sleeper class tickets.
Try to have your clock synced with IRCTC.
Login to your account 10-20 minutes before booking time, keep session alive by doing activities such as searching trains etc.

3. As soon as your watch displays 10, quickly choose Tatkal quota and click Find trains.

4. For AC classes, try for 2AC first, for most routes it gets filled less quickly than 3AC in-spite of having less number of seats

5. When you see the page where you need to fill passenger details, click on the bookmark that you created using Magic Autofill above, this will fill the document in one go and saves you time.

6. While making payment use netbanking as it saves time that you waste entering long card details, 3d pin etc.

If you have any tips please share with us in the comments section.

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