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Hello friends, I hope you all must be well aware of Online Shopping. Many of you must be a fan of few Online shopping Websites  too. Online shopping was introduced by Big giants eCommerce based Organizations like Amazon and eBay.

But now if we see there are numerous options available for all of us with all same products. With numerous options we have confusions too. Now problem is again same as we were facing during normal shopping days earlier i.e Is it the best price for my chosen product? Another BIG QUESTION that arises, WHERE SHOULD I BUY FROM?

The answer is here, and it will make your shopping experience simple and ofcourse hassle free.  Add an extenstion to your Google chrome browser, Known as “MySmartPrice”. MySmartPrice provides you the best prices available on other online Shopping website while you are visiting your favourite one. It compares the price of the current product that you are watching. And provide you with an option to choose from other websites. So i am providing you with simple steps to opt it.


  • Step 1. Open your google chrome browser, and go to settings by clicking to  right upper side drawer icon.



  • Step 2. A new Window will appear with few options available at left side of your screen





  • Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Get More Extensions”




  • Step 4. A new Window will appear with a Search option on the top left side. Search for “MySmartPrice”. And hit enter. You will find the MySmartPrice extension at the top. Click on the “Add to Chrome”  button.




  • Step 5. You might get another pop up on the screen , simply click on “Add extension” button of pop up.





  • Step 6. Voila you did it! Now go for online shopping you will always find the best price option suggested at bottom right corner of screen.





  • Step 7. Click on the suggestion box and you will be redirected to the list of best price available.




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