Microsoft Office 2016 launched – Top Features

Office 2016 is here and we are expecting the suite to have tons of new tricks and features. Here are some features that improves your office experience.


  1. Skype Integration – Now, you and a friend can edit a document simultaneously without having to save and share the document via email or you can straightway jump into a call from Microsoft Word or Outlook.
  2. Smart Lookup – Highlight a word, right click and click Smart Lookup, a sidebar popups with lots of suggestions/information for that word from all around the web.
  3. Planner – Planner allows managers to create a dashboard for group tasks. Managers can assign projects, track progress and setup responsibilities directly from the dashboard.
    Instead of your boss sending a group email telling everyone what their new assignments are, your boss can simply drag and drop a responsibility from your column to your colleague’s.
  4. Sunrise Calendar – This is an addition to the office suite. With Sunrise, you can connect your calendar to applications like Facebook, Foursquare and TripIt to help you make plans and keeps you posted even when your friends make an entry.
  5. Tell Me – Simple Office tasks can sometimes be tedious. Hate to bold texts, formatting documents etc.? With Tell Me you can simply enter a text command and Office will immediately locate and make the fix for you.
    Want to change your font to Verdana? Enter “change font to Verdana” and click on the corresponding command in the Tell Me search bar.
  6. Office Lens – Click an image and turn that image into an editable Office document. Forget scan, save and edit, now just snap, edit and send.

We will keep posting more as we come across more features of the new Office 2016. Stay tuned.

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