How to generate and read QR codes

You must have come across an array of black and white squares jumbled up on many websites, apps, ads etc. Those are machine readable code that is typically used for storing web URL or any other information for reading by your smartphone camera. The codes are known as QR codes.

Can we generate QR codes for others to scan? The answer is yes and that too very quickly, you will be glad to know its free. Once created it can be stored as image files, PDFs etc. If you scan the following QR code it takes you to our Facebook page.


Following are some websites where you can create your own personalized QR code and they are quite easy to use :-

  3. Search for more :)

Now what can you do with a QR code, you can use it to point to a Google Maps location, any plain text, it can also act as link to your Facebook/Twitter account or even as your personalized card.

For scanning the QR codes there are many applications available whether it is Android or IOS. Let us know your favorite app in the comments section below.

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