Facebook’s ‘Dislike’ Button is out – Definitely not what you expected

The most requested feature on Facebook is out – a ‘dislike’ button – that lets you express an emotion other than ‘like’. It was being talked about for long and last month Zuckerberg hinted at expanding the Like button.

So, are you expecting a thumbs down icon? It’s definitely not a thumbs down icon rather Facebook has introduced this as a feature called “Reactions”.

Reactions are there for you to speak different emotions and they are in the form of 6 new emojis, these are “Love”, “Haha”, “Yay”, “Wow”, “Sad” and “Angry”. This will appear within any post in the news feed just like your “Like” button.


This has been done inline with what Zuckerberg said that a simple “Dislike” button is open to abuse and could be used to induce a poisonous atmosphere on the social network.

At last , the reason you are currently not seeing anything like this is that Facebook has just started rolling out and is currently in testing phase, this means it is not available to all the users yet. Improvements are expected based on the reactions that Facebook gets from the users in the testing phase and by the time it is fully rolled out we may have more tweaked version of this new “Dislike” aka “Reactions” feature.

My stand was neutral on this feature, you can share your views whether you liked it or disliked it in the comments section below.

Keep posting, Keep sharing.


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